An Asynchronous function (returns a Promise). It merges the data it gets as a parameter with the data stored in our servers as the member's metadata, and updates the stored information with the result.

const dataToSet = {
    key1: 'value1',
    key2: {
        key3: 'value3'

// Using async-await
const fn = async () => {
    await MemberSpace.updateMemberMetadata(dataToSet);

    // continue custom code

// Using Promise chaining
  .then(() => {
    // continue custom code

As a limitation, to enforce best practices the top level of the metadata must be an object.

The initial state of the metadata storage is {} (an empty object).

You can remove a key from any level by assigning null to it, but you cannot assign null as the content of the entire storage. To clear the storage please see this function.

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